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Bar Patron Remembered For Being Helpful and Positive

LAWTON, Okla_Patrons of a local nightclub are grieving the loss of one of their dear friends who has been identified as Roger Parks. He was found dead in the business' parking lot Friday afternoon.

Police believe Parks died of a natural death, but friends and family say they were still shocked to learn the news.

He was discovered by one of the employees when she came to work at the Gate Four Recovery Room on Sheridan Road.

Friends say Parks was a popular and very well liked man who's friendly face was always welcomed.

He was at the establishment every night to watch TV, visit with friends and make sure the girls who worked there were never in danger.

He had seen some hard times, but over the past couple of weeks everything was on the up-swing for him. Friends said that's one of the hardest parts of losing him so unexpectedly.


The days leading up to Roger Parks' death were some of the best.

He was feeling better than he had in a long time, he had a brand new job and just days before he celebrated his birthday

"We threw him a really big birthday. All his friends were here. We did a cook out. And he posted on Facebook about it being his best birthday yet, and how much he loves everybody and loves us, " said Ashlee, a bartender who wished not to disclose her last name.


He was at Gate Four the night before he passed away.

They knew he had medical issues, but everyone around him saw no symptoms or warning signs that something might be wrong.

"He stayed here until we closed on Thursday. He walked me out, told me he loved me. We were going to have lunch Friday.....but, " said Shanna, another bartender who wished not to disclose her last name.

Shanna said word of Roger's death, one of Gate Four's most prominent regulars, spread like wildfire. He was a friend to all and considered the people of Gate Four his family.

"I found him. And I was devastated. I pulled up and I thought he was texting, " said Ashlee.


"You ask yourself why. But you never know. It was the hardest day ever yesterday, " said Shanna.

Friends described Roger as a big teddy bear. He was always looking out for others, and his willingness to help is why his friends said it's so important to them to do something in his honor.

"I know he's looking down on us, and he's gonna enjoy every minute and every moment that we're doing. And I want to, we want to make this the best for him, " said Shanna.

"We're basically all he has, or had. And we want to make sure it's the best for him. So we're trying to do this benefit, and we'll do whatever it takes to give him the best funeral ever. Because he would do the same, " said Ashlee.


Gate Four will be holding a benefit Sunday afternoon. The bar will open at 2 PM. All tips and half of all the proceeds will go towards Roger Parks' funeral service.

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