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Amarillo's largest garage sale inspires spring cleaning

It's about the time of year folks get into their attics and garages to do a little spring cleaning. Some already have, and Saturday, they sold a lot of it off at Amarillo's Largest Garage sale.

More than 100 vendors set up shop in the Amarillo Civic Center Friday and Saturday for one huge garage sale, an event Amarillo hosts twice a year. Around 2,000-3,000 people cycled through the garage sale this weekend. Many using the time to clean out the old, and find something new.

"Do some spring cleaning, clean our your garage, your shed, get rid of some stuff, sell furniture and stuff like that. That's the main job," said one promoter, Brian Cruz. "A lot of these people will get ready for springtime with cleaning and have a lot of junk that they don't need. They want to get rid of it and this is how they do it."

Many of the vendors that attend the show are repeat sellers and most of them will be back again for the garage sale in the fall.

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