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Residents React to Shooting Death of Lawton Man in their Neighborhood

Residents React to Shooting Death of Lawton Man in their Neighborhood

Lawton, OKLa._As Lawton police continue to search for the suspects involved in Saturday night's shooting death of 21-year-old Lavonte Jackson near 23rd Place and Southwest Evans, neighbors said they're also trying to piece together why it happened.

Police found Jackson's body on his front porch near 23rd Place and Southwest Evans, after they were called to a possible shooting victim around 6:30 PM. Investigators released the crime scene on Sunday, but neighbors said they can't erase such a brutal murder.

Police said they are not ready to release what may have motivated the shooting or whether or not it was gang related. They did say that Jackson died from a senseless shooting, and that they're focused on finding the suspects involved. Jackson's neighbors said they had concerns about activities at that house, they never expected anything like this to happen.

The house where Jackson's body was found is quiet now but Saturday night, after police swarmed the street, it served as a deadly backdrop for Jackson's murder. Karin Earl lives just a few houses down from where the shooting took place and remembers hearing gunshots ring out.

"All of a sudden I heard bam, bam, bam, bam, bam...and I thought well, if those were shots then I should hear sirens anytime soon, and then I did. So, I thought I'd look out my kitchen window and I was surprised...the whole area was flooded with ambulance, fire department, police cars. It was just a sea of vehicles out here", she said.

Earl isn't the only resident who says they heard the gunshots. Another resident said that she was in her backyard when she heard the gunshots. She said she then saw a young man run into the backyard of the house where Jackson died. She said he looked terrified.

Neighbors said there was a time when they kept a close eye on the house due to a steady flow of traffic coming in and out. But they said Saturday's shooting took them by surprise especially since things had recently quieted down.

"Just recently I said to my husband it sure has quieted down in that house. It seemed like they left on a regular basis and came back on a regular basis. Like, they had a regular job. So, I was surprised when I heard about that happening yesterday", said Earl.

She said until those responsible for Jackson's death are brought to justice, neighbors will continue to be haunted.

"It scary that's all I could think of you know. I mean we used to have a school here, and thank god there's no more school here. But, in any case, in any neighborhood it's scary to have something like this happen this close", said Earl.

Many of the residents who live on that street said they're used to hearing gunshots, but never this close and hope those suspects are arrested soon.

Police said they're searching for four suspects that were seen driving from the scene in a black or dark-colored S-U-V moments after the shooting. The driver is described as a white female. Her three passengers are described as three black males, two of them wearing red shirts, the other a green one.

If you have any information as to who the suspects may be or their whereabouts, call Crimestoppers at 355-info or text the word "BUST" to the number 274637, along with your tip.


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