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UPDATE: Man Dead in Police Standoff

MEDICINE PARK, Okla._ Lawton police confirmed the man they'd tried to talk out of harming himself indeed was Phillip McCoy, the ex-husband of Sarah McCoy, the woman found murdered earlier this year.

He shot himself around 11:30 PM Monday, after a standoff lasting longer than eight hours. Authorities responded to a call about a man with a gun, found him at the Lawtonka Dam, and the standoff ensued as they tried to talk him down.

LPD says its officers heard the gunshot fired from the scene near Big Rock, and when the department's tactical unit approached, they say McCoy was dead from a single gunshot wound.

The Oklahoma medical examiner's office was called to investigate, and they were able to confirm his identity.

Original Story

Police were still negotiating with a despondent man near the Lake Lawtonka dam Monday night, some nine hours after they were first called out.

The man is believed to be Philip McCoy, whose ex-wife was found murdered in her home in January. McCoy has not been charged in that case. Police blocked the roads leading to the dam at Medicine Park, while negotiators worked with the man to convince him to surrender.

Authorities were not able to give a specific time on when the incident might end. Medicine Park Police Chief Rod McKee said they're just glad authorities have the situation contained.

"Lawton police department has got their negotiators out there, professional officers doing an outstanding job... everyone's got a common goal and it's to get that gentleman home safely," Chief McKee said.

Although he wouldn't identify the man threatening harm to himself or if he was armed, he did say one thing is sure, no harm would come to the surrounding community.

"Lawton Police department and other officers have everything blocked down, it's just at this point in the game trying to get the gentleman taken care of and getting him the help that he needs," said Chief McKee.

Bob Rackley lives across the street from the road block on the southeast side of the dam. He said he saw the first officer arrive on the scene and then several others soon followed.

Rackley said, "I saw them looking up in the mountains with binoculars, like somebody they were chasing or something and they were looking for them."

With roads leading to the scene of the action blocked and it contained, both Rackley and Chief McKee hope it will end peacefully.

"I trust that everything is okay and I don't think they'll leave until they get it resolved whatever it is," Rackley said.


Chief McKee added, "It's concerning, you know your heart goes out, we're all humans and as such we want to make sure the individual gets the help that they need."

So far, Lawton Police have not commented on what they are going to do if the standoff continues much longer.


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