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Man Dead in Police Standoff Identified as Phillip McCoy

COMANCHE CO., Okla_ There's new information tonight on the standoff at Lake Lawtonka that ended late Monday night with a suicidal man taking his own life. Lawton police have confirmed him to be Phillip McCoy.

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McCoy's ex-wife, Sarah, was found murdered inside her home in January of this year. Phillip's attorney Robin Rochelle said Phillip was originally investigated as the prime suspect in Sarah's murder, but that had not been the case recently.

Authorities say he shot himself around 11:30 PM Monday, despite authorities spending nearly ten hours trying to stop him.

Lawton Police Captain Craig Akard said Lawton authorities do not discuss cases where an individual has taken their own life. Rochelle talked about a change in a federal weapons charge involving Phillip that surfaced just last week, which would likely have put him behind bars for 3 1/2 years. Rochelle said that news, combined with the depression over the death of his wife, may have been too much for Phillip to handle. 

"Unfortunately, he was a train wreck," Rochelle said "You could see it coming, and you couldn't stop it."

Rochelle said he was not only Phillip's attorney, but also his friend these last four years. He said Phillip had never actually told him he wanted to harm himself, but there were signs.

"In letters and comments he had made to me, I considered he had been considering suicide," Rochelle said. "That's why I had urged him to get some counseling."

Rochelle would not go into detail about Phillip's comments, but he said Phillip did get help last year but stopped. He said Phillip went into a deep depression after Sarah's death.

"He had shown me some paperwork," Rochelle said. "I'm not getting into any attorney-client documents, but he had made a promise to Sarah that he would protect her. With her murder, he blamed himself that he was not able to protect her, and he couldn't live with that."

Rochelle said a buildup of that despondent feeling and some recent legal troubles could have possibly been Phillip's breaking point. Rochelle said just last week, he had driven Phillip to federal court in Oklahoma City.

Phillip had changed his plea of innocent to guilty stemming from a possession of guns charge from November of last year. Rochelle said Phillip had a felony when he was 19-years-old and was looking at three years and four months behind federal prison walls. They spoke on the way back to Phillip's home.

"I lectured Phil, saying, ‘Don't do anything stupid,'" Rochelle said. "There are too many people that care about you, and life is very important. You don't need to just throw it away."

Rochelle said Monday, he was going to head to Lake Lawtonka to try to talk to Phillip, but Phillip's three sons were already out there. He said if they could not talk him down, he believed no one else could. He said they are all still grieving.

 As for the murder of Sarah McCoy, Lawton police say they are still following leads and investigating the case.


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