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Missionary from Israel spoke at a Lawton Church

Lawton,Okla_A missionary to Israel spoke to a group in Lawton Tuesday night about the roots of anti-semitism. Eugene Lempert's visit was sponsored by the Lawton-Ft. Sill Messianic Fellowship.

This evening's theme at the boulevard congregational and christian church was, celebrating our differences and appreciating our similarities, eradicating prejudice: anti-semitism. Before his speech, he broke down the definition of the word for us.

Eugene Lempert said, "the hatred for the group of people which may be called Semites, Jews, Hebrews, or Zionist. We're going to talk today about the roots of the anti-semitism and see if we can find them in the bible."

Lempert and his wife are a part of  "Chosen Peoples Ministries"  which has been sharing the gospel of God's people since 1894. It is the 2nd oldest mission board in the U.S to the Jewish people. The Lampert's serve the Israeli branch.

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