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Cache Schools Getting New Security System

CACHE Okla_ Students in the Cache school district are much safer than ever before. They're in the process of outfitting the entire campus with a high-tech security system.

Cache School Superintendent Randy Batt said the school decided to revise its security plan after the Sandy Hook School shooting back in December. Batt said the school discussed several ways to beef up security, and decided to start at the school's entry. That way, they can control who is coming in and out of the buildings.

They're using the "buzz-in" system. Visitors have to announce themselves at a locked entrance via an electronic monitor and wait for a staff member to unlock the door. Right now, each classroom building, with the exception of the high school, is outfitted with this system. This is just the first of several changes in security for the campus.

Batt said school administrators decided that the "buzz-in" system was the best way to keep a closer eye on the school's entryways.

"When I look at security, I try to say I want something that will make our kids feel safe and our parents feel safe, but something that does not intrude on the learning environment," Batt said. "So, those are things that we were thinking about when talking about security measures."

Batt said they also had to consider price, and says the "buzz-in" system, which runs about $1,500 per installation was well within their budget. He said unfortunately, these types of measures are a sign of the times.

"Schools have had to take on a lot more as society has changed," Batt said. "We're doing a lot more things. It's not just reading and writing anymore. In Oklahoma, I hate to say this, but the legislature is probably not going to be much help with that. So, it's up to local school districts to do the best they can."

Superintendent Batt said the school also increased the number of security cameras across the campus to 100, so they have very few blind spots. He said they also plan on installing these fences around the entire campus.

"It makes me feel comfortable that my kids are safe, and all the kids are safe," parent Danyel Pueblo said. "We do not have to worry about anybody getting in and hurting them."

"Unfortunately it has to be that way," parent Larry Kerr said. "It would've been nice when we were kids to just be able to not worry about something like this happening. Unfortunately, with the times, we have to worry about this."

Batt said the security system for the high school should be in place by August. Understandably, there were other security measures he could not discuss, but he did say those changes are for the benefit of the students and staff.

Batt said tragedies like the Sandy Hook shooting make these types of changes vital to keep students safe. He said he hopes things get better and not worse.

"I don't ever want schools to ever look like a correctional institution," Batt said. "I want the school to keep the same face about it, so the students don't see all of the security measures. We've got other measures that we won't talk about. I hope that we're about to that boundary line, where we won't see any more intrusiveness in the school system."

He said the response from both parents and faculty about the new system has been positive.


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