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Hundreds Without Power After Bizarre Power Line Explosions

Hundreds Without Power After Bizarre Power Line Explosions

Lawton, Okla._Residents in Tipton, Snyder and parts of Frederick said they are still in shock after a bizarre series of power line explosions left hundreds of them without power. Public Service Oklahoma said lightning struck a power pole just outside of Tipton around eleven Saturday night, causing a blown fuse that caused a domino effect across town and into Snyder. The explosion caused several fires in Tipton and left area residents without power for several hours.

Many Tipton residents aid that when the transformers along the power line blew; it looked and sounded like a war zone. They said people were running into the streets to see what was going on. Some said the event caused power surges in their homes.  Many residents said seeing transformers exploding on the power lines was a sight they will never forget.

"It was crazy. I mean we freaked out. I am here with my family. We was all nervous and scared. So we just stuck together and went and turned off the breakers", said David Whitt, who was visiting his family in Tipton that night.

Tipton resident Ken Waugh says he could not believe his eyes.

 "In my mind I know what's happening. But after the second or the third one, you go this is getting a little close for comfort. The sparks at one point in time started landing on the car. So, I got in my car at that point and made my way back to the house", said Waugh.

Both Whitt and Waugh said they watched in fear as one transformer after another blew along the power lines. They said when things quieted down; the sky around the power lines turned an eerie color.

"Like when the transformers blew, it was all blue from the plasma balls from the electric. It was crazy cause it was bright and loud", said Whitt.

Waugh said he and his family watched the explosions, but he says things got even scarier when they rushed inside their home.

"I told the kids to run back in the house but then the whole house started pulsating because of the electrical surge and you get some sparks coming out of outlets and then worry", he said.

Both said they hope this never happens again and say they will never look at power lines the same way.

"My worst fear was something catching on fire. I mean what are you going to do? You've got a house full of family members and kids. If it was to catch fire, what would you do? Nobody knows until you're in that situation", said Whitt.

Waugh said given the circumstances, he still can't fathom what happened.

"When there's not very significant weather, you don't expect to see this. It was very interesting. Something I won't ever forget", he said.

A  P-S-O representative said they had most of the power restored to the affected areas by Sunday morning, and power was completely restored by early afternoon. Residents said they were very happy with the company's quick repair time.

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