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Friends of Lawton Murder Victim Speak

LAWTON Okla_ Friends of a Lawton man who was shot and killed over the weekend are speaking out.

They say Gino Scott was well liked, tried to steer away from trouble, and minded his own business. Scott was shot at his home in the 1000 block of SW 7th Street in Lawton Sunday evening. He died shortly after he was taken to the hospital.

Police have arrested Robert Menard in connection with the shooting. Menard was also shot and remains in the hospital this evening. They haven't released a motive for the shooting and said despite an arrest, their investigation continues.

Friends of Scott said he was a nice guy, who didn't have a reputation for being a trouble maker. They said that's why they were shocked to learn the news of his death.

"The objective is to stay away from it," friend of the victim Michael "Q" said. "That's the way I was brought up, and I'm pretty sure he was brought up the same way."

Long-time friend of Scott Juan Guzman said he knew the victim most of his life and that his friends will remember him as someone with a great sense of humor who loved to make people laugh.

"He was a funny, cool guy to kick it with," Guzman said. "He was just a cool person to be around."

Guzman said he and his friends grew up in a part of town that's no stranger to crime, but their group of friends, including Scott, made the choice to stay away from it.

"It sucks, because he could have been a lot better than most of the people out here," Guzman said. "Most of the people out here just want to gang bang. He wasn't one of them. He was actually a cool person trying to stay out of trouble. That's what I like about him. He kept his head up."

Guzman said while they're still unsure why their friend was killed, they don't believe he did anything to provoke it. They say all they can do is find comfort in knowing he's in a place where there is no violence.

"He's in a better place right now, looking over us," Guzman said.

The suspect remains hospitalized. His condition is still unknown. Police have not said what role he played in the shooting or how he was shot. We're told there was a third victim who was attacked by a dog at the home, but the role he played has not been released. Police say the investigation is ongoing, but that there are no other suspects or arrests expected.

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