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New Business Incubator on its Way in Duncan

DUNCAN, Okla_A vacant field in Duncan is now a field of dreams. It's the site for a new business incubator facility.

The Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation has received the funding and go ahead to purchase 48 acres where the facility will be built. The cost of the new project will be just over $245,000.

The foundation started a business incubator back in 2009 but has since grown out of their current location.

Lyle Roggow said there is reason to celebrate. The new 48-acre field will be a place where lots of dreams come to fruition for local entrepreneurs, and he said when entrepreneurs are thriving so is the community.

"Really what we're trying to do is we're looking out for the future of our community, " said Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation President, Lyle Roggow.

That's why Roggow sees the plan of building the new incubator facility as such an important step.

"Any time you can take care and nurture your own companies of citizens that already live here, so when you can help nurture them and grow them in their own community, a community they love and appreciate they're not going to leave you community, " said Roggow.

Duncan already has one incubator facility that houses 7 businesses. But with the construction of the new facility they hope to increase that number all while boosting the local economy.

"The incubator that we currently have is not really a, it doesn't function the way it probably should. I mean we've made good use out of the facility, but we also have to plan a little bit further for the future, " Roggow said.

The new facility will be bigger and better. It will have more space for things like chemistry labs, more offices and more spaces to for businesses to grow.

But maybe the best part is the location. It will be housed right in between their Cameron University extension and the Red River Technology Center.

"Because of that partnership between the higher education and the technical education it's gonna help those businesses because then they have the ability to get interns or will be able to have prototypes made that could help demonstrate their applications, " Roggow explained.

Roggow said eventually they want to develop a business park so once entrepreneurs are on their feet they can move out of the facility but remain a part of the community -- a community that fosters and encourages their industrial spirit.

"People have dreams, and people that want to start their own businesses. You have to give them at least enough support that they can get started, " said Roggow.

Roggow said they are taking things one step at a time. While the approval for funds and land have been granted, construction won't start quite yet. He said they hope to have the project completed within 2-3 years.

The construction of the building is being funded by the Economic Development Fund in Duncan. Half of a cent of every sales tax dollar goes into it for funding of future projects like this.

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