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Lawton Police Investigating Woman Found Dead on Side of Road

LAWTON Okla_ If foul play may have played a role in the death of a Lawton woman, police aren't ready to say.

Officers found the body of a 26-year-old female around 1:00 AM Tuesday lying on the ground in the 1700 block of Douglass in Lawton. We don't know whether police are investigating her death as a homicide or a natural death. Police also have not released a name or even said how she died.

Neighbors say police went door-to-door asking questions but weren't ready to offer any additional information themselves. They said police found the woman's body next to a boarded up building that once served as an elementary school, across the street from a playground. They said it was in this area where police swarmed the street after the woman's body was found lying partly in the street and in the grass.

One of the residents, Nellie Dyer, said she and her family were startled when police came knocking in the early morning hours.

"Cops came and knocked on the door," Dyer said. "They asked me if I saw anything. The police had the street blocked off, they knocked on the door and asked if we knew anything or heard anything. We told them, ‘No.'"

Raphael Hands was at home with Dyer and said when they stepped outside with police they found they were within feet of what looked to be a crime scene.

"The body was laying up here, and later on, they came back and got the body," Hands said. "This morning, they came back and looked around to see if they could find anything."

"I asked them what was going on," Dyer said. "He said, ‘We're trying to find out', but I knew something had happened. I laid there and looked out the window. It was so close, you could see something yellow. The woman had on a yellow shirt or a dress and was on this side of the street."

Dyer said if the woman was a victim of crime, she's not the first and sadly won't be the last.

"Honey, people are so wicked," Dyer said. "They're doing whatever and think nothing of it. There are some people who will kill you and look you dead in the eye and think nothing. It's like taking a drink of water. There are some cold hearted people out here."

Hands said he knows Dyer is right.

"It's like everyday something is happening," Hands said. "The murder rate is steadily climbing. I just don't understand it."

He attributes it to depression.

"Personally, I think things just changed," Hands said. "It's hard for a lot of people. It makes them do things they normally wouldn't do."

And while 7news was on scene where the woman's body was discovered--the victim's mother showed up but she was too distraught to talk with us. However, her friend who did not want to go on camera said she knew the victim since she was a little girl.

"Whoever it is I hope they find them, it's just cruel, I mean if it was an accident, then you should have got her help or something, you know if you didn't mean it. They just threw her out there like a bag of trash on the side of the road, that hurts cause nobody deserves to be thrown out like that," Said the victim's friend.


Again, police haven't released the name of the victim or said how she may have died. Neighbors say they watched as police combed the area for evidence this afternoon.


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