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Duncan Veterans Memorial Statue Stolen

DUNCAN, Okla_ A statue meant to honor Duncan's fallen soldiers has vanished, and the veteran who bought it is heartbroken, because he thinks it was stolen.

Disabled American Veteran Commander of Chapter 92 Tim Zinn said the statue was housed at the Veterans of Foreign War building in Duncan. It had been there for about a week. Zinn said it was last seen Saturday evening, but when he got there Monday morning around 8:00 AM, it was gone.

Zinn said he has no clue who might have taken the statue. He said he was more shocked that it even happened. He said that's because the statue meant so much to him.

"I honestly haven't cried in probably 30 years," Zinn said, "But when I walked out there, it broke my heart."

All that's left of Tim Zinn's statue are some circular patterns of dried clay and a few broken pieces, but the mystery of what happened to it remains.

"I sat down and cried," Zinn said. "I was so upset that someone would have the nerve to steal something like this."

Zinn said it stands about 5' tall and weighs about 700 lbs. He bought it for an upcoming celebration to commemorate fallen soldiers from Duncan.

"It got my message out that Veterans Day, Memorial Day are not the only days we should honor the veterans and the fallen," Zinn said. "This should be something we should honor everyday of the year. There should be a prayer said for our soldiers in arm everyday. There should be a remembrance of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect people's freedom."

Zinn said he had been working on this statue the last 6 months, getting it painted and glossed over to be placed at its final resting spot.

"My biggest fear is we'll find this out in the country somewhere busted in a million pieces, just because someone wanted to do something stupid," Zinn said. "They don't realize how many people they've hurt by doing this."

Zinn said there is good news. He said the woman he bought the statue from is willing to give him another at no cost. All he has to do is pick it up. However, he said it won't be ready for the April 6th commemoration.

Zinn said the VFW is planning to install a surveillance system as a result of this incident.


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