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Duncan Convenience Store Robbed

DUNCAN Okla_ Two armed men robbed a convenience store in Duncan early Wednesday morning, and the robbers are still on the run.

Police say it happened around 3:00 AM at the Chisholm Corner store near Highway 81 and Plato Road. A clerk told investigators two masked men came into the store with guns drawn demanding money. Police said no one was hurt.

The incident was captured on the store's surveillance cameras, and detectives are studying the footage but haven't released it to the media yet. Investigators said they also found items at the crime scene that belong to the robbers.

Duncan Police Lieutenant Joe Shoemake said he was surprised to get a call early Wednesday morning about the armed robbery.

"Duncan itself is not very well known for armed robberies, so yeah we're shocked anytime a crime like this happens," Shoemake said.

Shoemake said one robber walked into the convenience store with his gun drawn, pointed it at the clerk and demanded money. He said within seconds, the other robber walked in, headed to the back of the store and searched a register at the store's drive-thru window. He said the men left with cash and tobacco products but left some things behind.

"We've been able to collect several things from the scene that were either dropped or discarded by the suspects," Shoemake said.

Shoemake wouldn't go into detail about what was found, but he said the whole incident left the clerk on duty shaken.

"If somebody points a gun at your face, you are going to be upset," Shoemake said. "It's going to have an effect on you. Needless to say, this young man has never been robbed before and never had a gun put in his face before. So yeah, he's going to be shaken up after a traumatic event like that."

The armed robbery could have been worse, but Lieutenant Shoemake said it could have been the clerk's compliance to what was going on that prevented the situation from escalating into a deadly scene.

"He did everything the way he was supposed to," Shoemake said. "He gave them what he could. He told them there were things he couldn't open. They took his word for it, and they chose not to harm him."

Lieutenant Shoemake said the men got away on foot. They don't have much to go on. All they know is the robbers are male and were wearing  masks with dark clothing.

Duncan police ask anyone with information to call Crimestoppers at 580 252-INFO or Duncan police at 580-255-2112.



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