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Local Girl Wins Big at Livestock Expo

TIPTON, Okla_A Southwest Oklahoma girl has hit it big at the biggest junior livestock show in the nation.

Tipton High School junior, Destinee Johnson, made history last week when she won the grand prize with both her lamb and goat at the Oklahoma Youth Expo in Oklahoma City. She's the first competitor to ever take both titles at once, and she's still in shock.

Destinee Johnson is kind of a big deal in, Tipton, Oklahoma.

"I came home, and you know my name was downtown, and it was just the coolest thing ever. I never expected it to happen, ever in a million years. It's awesome, "said Johnson.

After a big win like this she's stopping to think how she got started in this world of showing animals.

"I wanted a horse from the time I was like 2 you know because they're so cool. My dad said I'm gonna get you these goats and you're going to show them and take care of them and feed them and raise them. If you take care of those responsibilities I'll get you a horse, " Johnson explained.

And now, 7 years later, she's a two time Grand Champion at the biggest youth expo in the world. That's a feat no one has ever achieved before her.

"When you win like that it makes you actually stop and think you know I complained for a lot of nothing. After that it makes think next year now that I've done this I'll work ten times harder because I had the opportunity to do such a good job, " Johnson said.

She raised her two animals from the time they were babies. A lamb named Yoda and a goat named Patrick. Both have been purchased, and now she has to move on with new animals.

She said it's a lot of work to start from the ground up, but it's the name of the game.

"It's a ridiculous amount of work and a lot of hours but in the end, even if you don't win everything, in the end its still its worth it, " Johnson said.

Destinee is a senior next year. She's not sure how she'll top this season, but she said she'll just keep doing things her way because so far, that's worked out pretty well.

"You gotta be able to have fun and work hard at the same time or it's just boring, " said Johnson.

And as for that horse she wanted?

Well, she never got it, but she said that's okay! Because after all the other animals she looks after it would really just be added work.

Destinee does get some time off. She said she's got 3 weeks of down time until she starts grooming her new sheep for next year's competitions.

Along with bragging rights, Destinee won two trailers for a year and $25,000. She plans to put that money toward more animals, a car and a savings account.

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