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Coach Helps Mother Recover Stolen Property

LAWTON Okla_ A local football coach helped a Lawton woman recover the only memories she had left of her deceased mother.

Patty Varnes said someone broke into her home Monday and stole her laptop, where she stored all of the photos. Varnes said she called police and her son's coach Peajay Charity immediately after the burglary. She said thanks to his quick thinking, the burglars and her stolen property were found. When she found out the burglars were friends of her teenage son, she was crushed.

Coach Charity said he found out who the culprits were, after another coach told him one of the boys tried to sell him the laptop that night. He said he immediately started rounding them up and convinced them to do the right thing.

"I am really glad that my kids have people like you in their lives," Varnes said to Charity. "You really came through, and it panned out this time. You got my kids' Xbox back and the laptop."

"You don't have to thank me," Charity responded. "I don't do it for thanks. It's the right thing to do."

Patty Varnes said without Coach Peajay Charity's help, her laptop along with precious memories of her mother would have never been found. She said she immediately called him after the burglary and remembers the feeling of agony, as she waited for news about who had broken in.

"All I could feel is how I felt the day that my mom had died all over again," Varnes said. "Every memory, every picture that I had of me and my mom were in that laptop."

Varnes said she was crushed when she found out her laptop was stolen. She said she immediately called police and her son's coach. You can imagine her surprise when just an hour later, her coach showed up at her front door with one of her son's friends, and he had a shocking secret to tell about the break-in.

"I am looking at this kid and I am like, ‘Did you steal my laptop?,'" Varnes said, "Because I had seen the controller in his hand. He was like, ‘Yes I did.' I asked him, ‘Why?', and he said, ‘Because I needed to make money.' It took everything inside of me not to grab him. I included him as family. "It just ripped my heart out. I just couldn't believe it. I was in awe."

Coach Charity said he was able to get the truth out of the teens with a dose of reality and tough love.

"I said, ‘You're supposed to be making your ‘hood better, not worse,'" Charity said. "'Why would you do that?' He said he needed money, and I understand that, but you've got to find another way to get it.  If they need to cut grass or anything, I'm going to help them do it. I'd rather see them do that or play a sport than get in trouble."

Although Charity had found the culprits, none of them would tell where the laptop was. While I was there, Lawton police called and told Varnes they found her laptop.

"I've made pleas to the kids, and I've made pleas to the kids' parents," Varnes said. "I am overjoyed, and I am very grateful."

Varnes said police told her one of the teens told them where the laptop was. According to a police report, the teens were arrested on burglary charges. Still no word on whether or not they'll be charged.



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