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Panetta Weighs in on North Korea

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WASHINGTON DC_North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is escalating threats against the U.S. and South Korea.

Friday he warned that his rockets are ready to quote "settle accounts with the U.S."

A timely interview with outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta helps shed some light. 

"You know this is a young leader there he doesn't have a hell of a lot of experience, " said former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

Intelligence has been working for sometime to determine to what extent Kim Jong Un is in charge in North Korea.  

"There's not much question in my mind that the military leadership in the country is probably exerting a heavy influence on him as to his decisions, " said Panetta.  

This week the Communist nation is revving up it's people as Kim Jong Un orders preparations for an attack on the United States and South Korea.

North Korea's state run media reports the government is repositioning troops  and vehicles from its mid range missile launching site to its long range base.  

"We have to take serious every provocative bellicose word and action that  this new young leader has taken so far since he's come to power, " said current U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

The U.S. sent a pair of B-2 stealth bombers from Missouri on a practice mission 50 miles from the North Korean border. The B-2's are capable of dropping 16 nuclear bombs each on a different target .  

The flights are part of a scheduled joint military exercise with South Korea .  But Pyongyang responded with pictures of Kim Jong Un with what are purported  to be attack plans on a board behind him..and another of missiles shooting down a U.S.

"We've talked to China and to China's credit they're as concerned about the unpredictability and uncertainty of North Korea as we are, " said Panetta.

Panetta says China is sending food and fuel to a starving North Korea and obviously wants to keep North Korea in China's realm of influence...

"But they've tried to put pressure on North Korea and North Korea has resisted it, "Panetta said.



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