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Closing Night For Prince of Peace Easter Pageant

HOLY CITY, Okla_It's an Easter tradition in Texoma that people come from all over to see every year.

Saturday night was the last performance of the 88th Annual Holy City Prince of Peace Easter Pageant.

The pageant dates back to 1926 and is the oldest running passion play in the country.

It's held at the Holy City in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

It's a beautiful show, but some in attendance hope people will get a little more out of the show than an entertaining night of theatre.

"It's not about eggs and Easter Bunnies, it's about the  crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
I hope that this really touches people's hearts and really lets them understand the meaning of Jesus dying on the Cross for us and for our sins and that they will change their lives and change their hearts and maybe speak to other people and get them to come the pageant next year, " said Pageant goer Sandy Schmitt.


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