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Family of Murder Victim Ask the Public For Help in Catching Killer

Family of Murder Victim Ask the Public for Help in Catching Killer

Lawton, OKLa._It's been a little over a year since the brutal murder of Angela "Sam" Maynahonah Rodriguez, whose body was found under a bridge in Carter County. Her family is now asking the public for help in catching her killer. Officials in Carter County say a driver spotted Rodriguez's body in heavy brush on March 29th, near the town of Fox, which is about 65 miles Southeast of Lawton. At one time, the department enlisted the help of the Lawton Police Department. Her family said they have been helping police with the investigation, but there has yet to be a break in the case. They're hoping a memorial they built at the site where Rodriguez's body was found will keep her unsolved case on people's minds.

The Maynahonah family said two weeks after Rodriguez's death, they started going around Lawton and the surrounding cities trying to find any information that could help police. They learned she was last seen at Glen's Lounge in Lawton on Southwest 11th street before she disappeared. The family said they want her killer brought to justice, so Rodriguez's spirit and family can finally rest.

As the Maynahonah family worked to build a memorial where their loved one, Angela "Sam" Maynahonah Rodriguez, was found brutally murdered, they hoped somewhere someone will remember something.

"We found out that the last place she had been seen was Glen's Lounge and ended up being put here at her last point. We wondered if someone saw someone driving by here, saw someone suspicious here or in Duncan. Maybe somebody looked out of place", said her sister Sabrina Maynahonah.

They said pain of knowing that her killer is still free torments them every day.

"Some days I feel like I am going to be alright. Other days I feel like I am waking up from a nightmare that hasn't ended. I just somebody to be brought to justice for her death," said Angela's mother, Verna Maynahonah.

Her sister Sabrina said no matter what type of lifestyle her sister may have lead, she did not deserve to die in such a brutal manner.

"It really hurts to know that there's killers out there that just don't have any regard for human life. They just threw her away like a piece of trash. She meant a lot to us even though sometimes people don't always make the right choices in life. It doesn't mean that there any better or worse than anyone else", she said.

The family said that's why they're asking anyone that has any information to call the authorities.

"They took a life. They ended a mother, a daughter, a niece a granddaughter, someone that was cared about and had a family that cares about them. She should have never been left like this. Even if it was an accident, they could have took her to the hospital or something. For it to end this way for her, we want somebody brought to justice", said Sabrina.

The family said that Rodriguez was friends with another Lawton woman who died suspiciously back in November of last year, Allison Sawyer. They're wondering if anyone who knew Sawyer may have information about Rodriguez. They're looking for any information that could help find her killer. 

The case is being investigated by the Carter County Sheriff's Department and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. The Lawton Police Department is assisting in the case. The family is urging anyone with information to contact one of those departments.

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