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Duncan Police Ask for Public Help in Robberies

DUNCAN Okla_ 7News has surveillance images of the persons responsible for three Duncan convenience store robberies in just one week, two of them only 30 minutes apart.

Police believe all three are connected. The last two happened early Saturday morning around 3:00 AM at a Stripes store at 12th and Bois D'Arc. One clerk told officers one of the masked suspects had a gun, while a second collected the money. About 30 minutes later, police say the same suspects robbed the Love's store on Main Street.

Police say they've questioned several people and believe they're looking for more than two men. Officers say that's because each time the suspects entered the stores, they looked different. The men are always masked with either a Halloween costume like a Michael Myers mask or plain black ski masks.

The men are also wearing unique clothing. Police hope you can help identify them.

"Some of them that are wearing a Mike Myers Halloween mask," Duncan Police Captain Jay Evans said. "Normally, they have one person that covers the clerk with a hand gun, then you have the other individual which will go in and try to get the money, while the gunman covers the clerk."

Evans said police have spent countless hours pouring over these images.

"We've been up all hours of the night for days," Evans said. "Our detectives are swamped with so much information to go through, videos, frame by frame, to take a look at every minute detail to see any unusual thing that we can find."

Police have studied every detail, down to the unique clothing these men are wearing to their blue rubber gloves or, in this case, a pink hoodie.

Evans said each time, the men made off with money, but their motive may have been something else.

"You have people who are trying to get money, but you also have people that are doing it for the thrill," Evans said. "So, the closer they get to getting caught or having some kind of exchange with law enforcement, the more thrilled they get. That's very dangerous."

While money was taken, Evans said the men did leave some things behind: clues as to who's behind these masks.

"We have received some evidence that we believe was discarded by robbers they didn't think we'd find," Evans said. "We have sent that to OSBI for DNA analysis."

Police say they believe each robbery was premeditated. The District Attorney's Drug Task Force office is offering a cash reward for any information that leads to the arrests of these men.

You can head to our website at www.KSWO.com to check out the images of the men. See if you can identify their clothing, including a unique red backpack one of the men is wearing.

Police say all the suspects involved, juvenile or not, are looking at felony charges and a long time in prison.

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