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Volunteer pilot flies dog to Texas rescue center

Stephens County, Okla._A dog in desperate need of care was flown to a rescue center in Texas Thursday and it was all thanks to one pilot's generosity.

Gannon, a Shar Pei, was taken in by the Stephens County Humane Society in March. He'd been there once before, only this time he wasn't in good shape. They needed to get him to a rescue center in Arlington, fast. And that's where pilot Dr. Tom Eiser stepped in and volunteered his services.

"It's a shame to see these dogs not be able to get to a better place for them. Most of them make great companions for someone if they just get there," Eiser said.

He's helped fly lots of animals to good homes at no charge. He does it for a national organization called "Pilots-N-Pets". But Thursday's job was on the side. He wanted to help the humane society, and they were happy to accept his offer. Especially at a time when adoptions are slow and money is tight.

"For him to call us and say I want to help you guys. I'm going to fly him down there for you and want nothing but a thank you in return. It's very heart touching," said Stephens County Humane Society Director, Nicole Baldwin.

Gannon made it safely to Arlington -- his new foster parents sent a picture of him at their facility.

If you would like to help out the Stephens County Humane Society, just give them a call at 580-252-7387 or log onto their website at www.stephenscountyshelter.com.


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