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Duncan Man Returns Home After Unsteady Tree Removed

DUNCAN Okla_ A Duncan homeowner was able to return home Monday after cutting down a tree almost went terribly wrong.

Officials said the homeowner's grandson tried to cut down a massive tree by himself Sunday evening, but he quickly realized he was in a dangerous situation and stopped. The tree was left unsteady and was in danger of falling on the house or nearby power lines.

The house was evacuated and the Duncan Fire Department and power company were called in as a precaution. The owner of a local tree trimming company said this is a perfect example of why people shouldn't try to cut down trees on their own.

"It's a lack of experience," Master Arborist Steve McCaslin said. "As you can see behind me, at any time, this could have been a disastrous situation.  As the grandson explained his position, he easily could have been killed."

McCaslin said if the tree had fallen, it also would have put others' lives in danger. He said it took him and his crew about eight hours to cut the tree down limb by limb.

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