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Duncan Store Robberies Continue After Three Arrests

DUNCAN Okla_ Robberies in Duncan have kept investigators tied up over the past two weeks, and they say after another robbery Sunday night, they're continuing to beat the streets.

Police say they were called to the Dollar General at 5th and West Elder after a clerk said a masked robber entered the store just one minute before closing and demanded all their money. Police haven't determined if this was a random robbery or an act of defiance after those arrests. Sunday night's robber did have his face concealed, but it didn't appear to be a ski mask or Halloween mask like the ones worn in the last three robberies.

Despite four recent robbery arrests, Duncan Police Captain Jay Evans said detectives are looking to make a fifth one.

"Their motivating factors could be ‘You haven't stopped us, just because you got four of us. There are still more of us out there."

Evans said you'd think these four robbery arrests last week would send a strong message to would-be criminals, but it didn't to the guy who walked into this Dollar General with a gun.

He said it's possible the man seen in the grainy picture taken from surveillance footage knew the men inside. He said while police know they've captured the key players involved in the recent robberies, they think those guys have friends or acquaintances that haven't been caught and could now be copycatting.

"Normally these are not professional criminals," Evans said. "Most of the time in younger felons, you'll find they are doing it for an adrenaline rush, and they get addicted to the rush. The closer they get to getting caught and taunting police, the more fun it is for them. It's psychological thing. It has little to do with the money."

Evans said regardless of whom the robber is, police hope to figure it out soon and put him behind bars.

"When you have any kind of felony being committed with a firearm, there's always a chance that someone could get hurt," Evans said. "Sooner or later, someone is going to walk in on one of these, or they're going to get nervous, and something is going to go wrong."

Police say the robber is described as a white man, wearing a red hoodie and pajama bottoms over his blue jeans and gloves.

The District Attorneys Office is offering a cash reward for any information that leads to an arrest.

If you have any information regarding this crime, call Duncan Crimestoppers at 580-252-INFO.

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