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Proposed Codes Enforcements to Beautify City

DUNCAN, Okla_Big changes may be coming for the residents of Duncan that are all aimed at making the town look nicer.

Tuesday night, the Duncan City Council will discuss a series of codes that are already on the books that deal with trash, grass clippings in the street and parking cars in front yards.

They have the potential to impact almost everyone in town, but city leaders hope it doesn't come across as micro-managing.

This item is on the agenda as a result of citizens reaching out and complaining to the city manager.

It wasn't his idea, but Mayor Gene Brown sees the good in the proposed code enforcements.

"We're not out to try out and go purposely inconvenience someone or try to make it hard on someone or just try and write citations. We want it to be a positive thing, " Brown said.

Mayor Brown knows if these new provisions go into effect they won't make everyone happy, but he's more concerned with the bigger picture. He said it's more about city beautification. And a beautiful city is better for everyone.

"It's so critical to economic development, and it sends a valid message out to people that how you feel about your community, " Brown explained.

City beautification is something Brown is working on from several different angles.

It's a message resident H.L. Bryant is receiving, but he's not quite sure how his car in his lawn effects the city's reputation.

"As long as the car's running I don't see any problem with it. Sometimes you have limited parking, sometimes you have company you have to park somewhere, so I think there's a lot more to that question than can I park a car here, " Bryant said.

As for suggestions for people like Bryant who park their cars on the grass, Brown doesn't have any quite yet. That's something they'll work on if the ordinance is passed.

For now he's hoping the discussion at the meeting will be productive and open everyone's eyes to the importance of what the new ordinance can accomplish.

"It's all apart of a bigger picture. You know we can create to maintain the quality of life that we hope that someone would look at our community and say hey you know I'd love to live there, " said Brown.

These codes will be discussed at Tuesday night's meeting. Brown said even if changes are made to the ordinances, it will still be several months until any changes affect those in the community.

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