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Timeline for Lawton Homicides

LAWTON Okla_ It's only April, but the city of Lawton is already averaging more than one homicide per month. The toll now stands at five, and so far, charges have been filed in only two of them.

One of this year's homicides did happen inside the GEO prison, but if you look back at the killings from 2012, eight of those remain unsolved, making a total of 11 open homicides still on the books. 

Many of our viewers have posted to our Facebook or called wondering how many homicides Lawton has seen so far in 2013, saying they can hardly keep up. It's been hard for us, too so 7News Reporter Sylvia Corkill has put together a timeline outlining when and where they happened and where their investigations stand today.

Just nine days after Lawton rang in the new year, police were called to investigate Lawton's first homicide of the year: the shooting death of Sarah McCoy. She was found dead in her home in a northwest neighborhood. No arrests have been made. Her death received a lot of media attention after her estranged husband, Phillip McCoy, killed himself. Phillip's attorney said he was a suspect in Sarah's death and may have taken his own life after he was grief stricken over her killing.

Exactly two months later, Lawton's 2nd homicide investigation got underway, after 21-year-old Lavonte Jackson was found shot and killed on his front porch in a southwest neighborhood. Following his death, police said they were looking for four suspects seen driving away from the crime scene. No arrests have been made.

Police began investigating Lawton's third homicide, after Gino Scott was shot and killed in his own southwest home. Court documents revealed he was killed after a botched robbery, when Robert Menard went to Scott's home with the intention's of robbing him of a gun and shot him. Menard was charged with Scott's murder, but police said he didn't act alone. They later made a second arrest. Christopher grimes was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery with a weapon, after he went with Menard to Scott's home. He claims he left when he saw guns.

Just one day later, police were called the body of Shallaina Jackson lying in the roadway near 17th and Douglas. The medical examiner said Jackson died after she was stabbed several times. Police continue to search for her killer.

The death of Lawton GEO prison inmate Robert Day topped the homicide count at five, after police say he died while hospitalized after a fight with fellow inmate Randy Teets in February. Teets was charged with first degree manslaughter.

7News visits with police almost daily, so we know they are actively investigating every unsolved homicide.

In 2012, there were 16 homicides and on half of them, charges were filed. Police believe many of the same key players were involved in several of last year's homicides in some shape or form, whether they knew them personally or were friends with people the victims knew. Police also were faced with several dead ends, after they believe witnesses with pertinent information were too afraid to come forward.

If you have any information in any of the investigations just highlighted or any from 2012, call Crimestoppers at 580-355-INFO or text the word "BUST" to the number 274637, along with your tip. Remember, you will always remain anonymous.

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