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LPS Employee Arrested for Indecent Proposal

LAWTON Okla_We now have confirmation that a Lawton Eisenhower Middle School employee was arrested Tuesday morning on school grounds.

We've chosen not to report the man's name at this stage of investigation, but we can say he has been accused of indecent proposal to a child under 16. LPD said they were called to the campus shortly after 10:00 Am Tuesday morning to assist school police. After talking with both the LPS police and a student, the employee was taken into custody.

Police aren't releasing much information at this time, partly because of the ongoing investigation and because the case involves a minor. Neither LPD Captain Craig Akard nor Deputy City Attorney Tim Wilson were able to give many details.

The biggest reason is because charges have not formally been filed against the EMS employee. According to Wilson, evidence shows that it could have something to do with a cell phone.

"My understanding from them is that it's an inappropriate texting or "sexting" incident, whatever you want to call it," Wilson said.

If that is the case, Akard said it's not the first time. He said they've seen a rise in crimes and incidences like this with the newer technology available, especially with the invention of smartphones.

"You can send text messages, you can send pictures, you can do everything with a cell phone or with a tablet that you can just about in person," Akard said.

That's why he urges parents to get involved when it comes to all the new technology.

"The parent needs to check them and see what their child is doing," Akard said. "Detect messages that are going back and forth, pictures that are being sent."

Early Wednesday, the employee was set to be released from jail until the investigation was complete, but police got new information in the case that caused them to make the decision to hold him overnight. Police wouldn't say what the development was, but they did say they would look at the information closely before meeting again with the DA's office Thursday.

The school district declined an interview on the matter, but did send the following statement:

"LPS has suspended the employee pending the outcome of the investigation. Under no circumstances does the Lawton Public Schools tolerate inappropriate behavior by employees, and will take any actions necessary to ensure the safety of its students."

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