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Making sure medicines are safe & effective

Area doctors and students are finding out more ways to ensure drugs are safe and effective. They went to a presentation by the Food and Drug Administration.

The Acting Director of Generic Drugs Kathleen Uhl talked with the students about what the agency does. The FDA monitors all foods and drugs sold in our country.

Uhl explained how drugs are developed as well as what kind of interactions the agency has with the pharmaceutical industry. She also spoke about getting a new or generic drug on the market.

Associate Dean of Research at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Dr. Thomas Hale says, "We have the safest drugs in the world right here in America. And it's largely due to the efforts of the Food and Drug Administration. And so this lady was here to tell us just how they do that. And how our students could sort of do this work as well. "

Students say the FDA is protecting them and the drugs they use in their clinic everyday. They also say they learned how to gather information from the FDA website to determine what specific drugs are approved to help them with dosing, warnings and side effects.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10. 

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