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Potter County Grand Jury reviews case against Stanley Marsh 3

The Potter County Grand Jury has yet to announce any decisions made Wednesday after reviewing evidence in the sexual abuse case against Stanley Marsh 3 (three).

The Grand Jury, along with Lubbock County District Attorney Matt Powell, met this morning to discuss the case and possibly indict Marsh on the felony counts he was charged with. He faces six counts of Sexual Assault and five counts of Sexual Performance by a Child.

But the Grand Jury did not report out Wednesday, and Powell could not confirm which counts were discussed or whether Marsh will be indicted on any of those counts. If indicted, factors like Marsh's health and publicity surrounding the case could affect a possible trial. Plus, the investigation is still ongoing, which Powell said could affect how his office reacts to the Grand Jury's decision.

"Once we have all the information and once the investigation is finished, we'll look at it and make a determination on whether or not we think it needs to go to trial or if we need to make an offer on the case," said Powell.

Powell did confirm he knew the decisions made by the Grand Jury on Wednesday, but could not release that information until the District Clerk certified the paperwork. NewsChannel 10 was told that decision - true billed, no billed or pass - could be released Thursday morning. If indicted and convicted, Marsh could face up to 20 years in prison for each felony count

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