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Grady Co. Man Charged with Rape of 15-year-old Girl

GRADY CO., Okla_ A Tuttle man is behind bars, after he was arrested for the rape of a 15-year-old girl.

Sergeant Phil Blevins of the Grady County Sheriff's Department investigated and found out that the juvenile female victim and the offender, 26-year-old Tanner Hart met on a website. The two began talking, and the juvenile female ran away from home to meet Hart. He took her to his residence and convinced her to have sex with him, even though according to her, she kept telling him no.

According to both of their statements, Hart took her to a shopping center in another town the next morning and dropped the young girl off. She stated he begged her not to tell anyone about him and what they'd done, because he didn't want to get in any trouble. She immediately told a female relative who contacted the authorities.

Hart was arrested and taken into custody without incident on April 15th. He is currently in the Grady County Jail on a charge of First Degree Rape.

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