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Altus Man Jailed After Manhunt

ALTUS, Okla_ An Altus man is in jail after leading police on a manhunt Monday night.

It started with a domestic dispute that allegedly ended with threats of violence. Altus Police Chief Tim Murphy said a woman claimed a man parked in her driveway on West Broadway Street near North Willard and threatened to "shoot her property up."

Officers caught up with the suspects, Lorenso Cook and another man, just a few houses down from the woman. During questioning, Murphy said Cook lied to police about his identity and took off. 

They found him in a vacant house about a block from where the alleged threat occurred, less than 30 minutes after he took off. Cook had initially given officers his brother-in-law's name, even though the car the two were found in was registered in his name.

Police say Cook was pacing nervously and pretended to talk on his cell phone. According to the police report, one of the officers felt Cook was lying about his name. So the officer hid and shouted, "Lorenso!". When Cook turned around to acknowledge him, they realized the truth was out.

As police officers set up a perimeter around the area along the busy street in Altus, their focus was tracking down Lorenso Cook. At that time, they didn't realize why he'd taken off and didn't know what they were up against.

"When an individual or both take off running, red flags come up," said Altus Police Chief Tim Murphy. "Officers are on heightened alert now."

Chief Murphy said after officers discovered Cook's true identity, it didn't take long to find out why he ran.

"Lorenso Cook had a warrant out of Texas County," Murphy said. "We contacted them. It was probably a misdemeanor warrant, because they wouldn't come down and extradite."

Murphy said Cook's time on the lam was brief, with about eight officers and dogs tracking him down. Naeem Tahir had a front-row seat to the manhunt at his convenience store.

"It was like a movie," Tahir said. "There was a bunch of police cars. There were flashing lights. It made me worry."

He said he didn't know what the police were after at the time but said Cook should have never run.

"Sometimes strange things happen and it's better to be cautious then let it go," Murphy said. "I think they did the right thing and they did their job."

"Had he just been honest with us and told us what his real name was, we would have done the interview process, found out why they were there and probably, if no crime was committed, and it looks like there wasn't until he took off running, we probably would have let him just leave," Murphy said. "It boils down to being honest with the police."

Chief Murphy said Cook was arrested on charges of obstructing an officer and false impersonation. Cook suffered a few cuts and bruises while running from police, he was taken to a hospital and then to jail.

Altus police say they still don't know what the relationship is with the woman who made the initial call and cook. They say she had called in a report about threats before. They're investigating the situation.

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