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Authorities Investigating Altus Infant Left in Car

ALTUS, Okla_ Authorities are investigating after an infant was left inside a locked car in Altus Wednesday afternoon.

Altus police responded to the Walmart on Main Street around 4:25 PM for a child being left alone and locked in a vehicle. An officer, who was actually on duty and inside the store, was told by a store employee about the child. The officer went to investigate and discovered an infant inside a vehicle parked in the parking lot. The doors were locked, the windows were rolled up, and the engine was not running. The officer witnessed the child crying and screaming and apparently wet from sweat.

As the officer was just about to make forced entry into the vehicle, the father arrived. He told police he just ran into the store for a few minutes to get medication for the child. Video shows him being in the store for 26 minutes. The 10-month-old child was taken out of the vehicle and checked by EMS personnel, who were called to scene. Altus police and The Oklahoma Department of Human Services will forward their investigation to the Jackson County District Attorney's Office.

"As summer approaches, I would like to remind all citizens about the dangers of leaving children and pets inside vehicles," Altus Police Chief Tim Murphy said. "Temperatures inside a vehicle can be 20-30 degrees hotter than the actual outside temperature. Never leave your child or a pet inside an enclosed vehicle, even for a few minutes."

As in this case, the actual outside temperature was approximately 65 degrees. The officer stated when he opened the door to remove this 10 month old infant, the temperature felt about 90 degrees.

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