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Good Samaritan Meets Slain Teen's Family

LAWTON Okla_ The man who tried to save the life of a 17-year-old who was shot in Lawton Monday got to meet the boy's family Thursday.

Alec McGlory was killed in the parking lot of an apartment complex in west Lawton. Michael Wilkins and others administered CPR at the scene. McGlory's mother was touched by the story we ran about Wilkins and contacted us about meeting him and his wife.

7News Reporter Sara Whaley helped arrange the meeting and was there when it happened.

Alec McGlory's mother was almost immediately brought to tears when she saw the man who held her son in his final moments. A tearful Stacy McGlory can't show her appreciation enough. She tells thanked Michael Wilkins and his wife for what they'd done.

"It has just been amazing to me to see these people who didn't even know him run out of their house and take the time to hold him and try to save him."

They met in the parking lot where Stacy's son was killed, but the scene looks so much different. Tuesday, clouds hovered over a crime scene tape. Only 48 hours later, the sun was shining bright for a meeting that has given a grieving family hope. It's a testament that time can, in fact, heal pain.

"He wasn't alone," Stacy said. "That gives me some peace right now that I haven't had up to this point." I really wanted to meet him, and I am so glad I got the opportunity to do that. They've brought a lot of comfort to my heart."

Alec's grandma and grandpa and his younger brother Riley, who is just a year younger than Alec, are finding comfort, too. Stacy said Riley is taking it hard..

"We are very focused on him right now," Stacy said. "He's never known a time when his older brother wasn't there."

She said they will somehow find their way through it, with the help of family and friends, and even strangers like the Wilkins family: all people who have helped restore her faith in mankind.

She said that support, along with memories of Alec, will help her through this unthinkable nightmare.

"He was a child that had the potential to really to go out and be a person with a bright, professional future," Stacy said. "He had a lot of friends and family that really loved him."

Stacy McGlory said she checked up on Alec regularly and is baffled as to why he was at the apartment complex in the first place. She hopes to have that question along with many others answered in the coming days.

No arrests have been made in this case yet. Crimestoppers is offering a reward up to $1,000 for a tip that leads to an arrest. They ask if you have any information to call 580-355-INFO.

Alec McGlory's grandfather is also offering a reward.

"I will match the Crimestoppers reward for the arrest and conviction of the two cowards that killed my grandson," he said.

Witnesses told police they saw two people running from the scene but weren't able to give a very detailed description.





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