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Virginia Fireman Comes to Aide in West, Texas Cleanup

WEST, Texas_As the town of West still struggles to get back on its feet, a volunteer fire fighter from Virginia is rallying the troops to come to their aide. The man is traveling to the Texas town with a truck load of support.

Leaving early Monday morning with a U-Haul full of firefighting equipment, Tim Smith left Climax, Virginia, for West, Texas.

"SCBA turnout gear, fire equipment, hose, nozzles, tools...." are just some of the items Tim Smith said he's got in his truck.

"The patches: who is represented from every state, from every county along the way, " said Smith.

And along his week-long journey in a donated bus to get to West, Smith picked up equipment, goods, and of course filled those infamous Mason Jars to the brim.

 "Let's try to make them a little bit more comfortable and show them our support.
All the way from Virginia; every state is represented, " Smith said proudly.

He also picked up some firefighters along the way. 

"We jumped on board and we've been with him the last three days, " said Fhett Burette, a fireman from Pell City, Alabama.

Men who've never been to West before, but who felt a duty to come help in any way possible. To feel the loss for themselves. 

"I've just been real anxious to get here and help, " said Burdette.

Call it a feeling of solidarity that has been on display all week long, at a tiny fire house that still needs all the help and prayers it can get.

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