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UPDATE: Geronimo house destroyed by fire

Geronimo, Okla_ Comanche County Emergency Management says a house fire in Geronimo rekindled overnight Tuesday and destroyed what was left of the home.

The latest call went out around 11 p.m. Volunteer firefighters from Geronimo and other Comanche County departments were on the scene on Nebraska Street until a little after three Tuesday morning.

Authorities believe the original fire, which broke out around 6 p.m. Tuesday night, likely got into the flooring. Strong winds overnight helped fuel the fire back to life.


Firefighters in Geronimo say a homeowner's quick thinking may have kept a fire from destroying it.  The fire started around 6 Monday nigh.  

The homeowner told firefighters that he thought he smelled smoke near a wall outlet.  He called for help, but before he got out, he closed all the windows.  Firefighters say that prevented the outside air from further fueling the fire, and considering the strong south winds we had today, it could have gone up in a hurry.  

Firefighters said they were able to contain the fire to the room where it started.  They said they believed it was indeed an electrical fire.  The man was planning to stay the night with family in the area.



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