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Coliseum Hosts Benefit Auction for Local Firefighter

LAWTON Okla_ Local firefighters are coming together to help the family of one of their own.

The Cox's Store Volunteer Department is hosting a benefit auction for Ariana Spriggs-Riebold's family.

The firefighter and EMT was killed in a car wreck April 13th. She's survived by her fiancé, who is also a firefighter, three young boys and a young daughter. The goal is to help raise money for funeral and burial expenses.

About 100 people are expected to fill the seats at the Great Plains Coliseum in Lawton and bid on items at the auction to help the Spriggs-Riebold family.

Cox Story Volunteer Fire Department Chief Jody Dreves said she lost her husband, Al, the former Cox's Store Volunteer Fire Department Chief to cancer last month. She said having to say goodbye to another member of the Cox Store Volunteer Fire Department family so soon, is almost unbearable.

"It was very devastating to hear about the loss of our firefighter," Dreves said."

Dreves said the accident happened in their department's area of operation, and they actually responded to the crash that killed their colleague.

"It affected all of us, not only because it was our friend, but because we had to give our all and do our very best in effort to save her," Dreves said.

Dreves said Ariana had been with the volunteer fire department about three years. She said she will never forget her sparkling personality.

"She just was always laughing and giving her all and just doing whatever she could to help and support others in whatever it is that they were doing," Dreves said.

She said it was her giving attitude that inspired the Cox's Store Volunteer Department to put together the auction, filling a room at the Great Plains Coliseum with items like a wooden chest, made by Lawton firefighters.

Chief Dreves said all the items at the auction from the tires to the pecan pie were donated by local merchants and people who wanted to help the Spriggs-Riebold family get through a tough ordeal of losing their wife and mother.

"It's amazing to know that everybody wants to give and be supportive of them," Dreves said. "It's amazing to know this family and these young boys and girl and that they have what they need to go forward with this."

She said although the money made from the event will never bring Ariana back, it will help give her family closure.

"These small kids, they're going to miss out on their mother," Dreves said. "We want to make sure that they have everything that they need to go through life. This is amazing. This is outstanding. This is community support."

Chief Dreves said there is no specific amount of money they are looking to raise at the auction; they just want to give the Spriggs-Riebold family something.

The auction kicks off at 6:30 PM and is expected to last until 10:30 PM Tuesday night or until all the items are sold.

All the money raised will be given to the Ariana Spriggs-Riebold family.



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