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Shooting Death Arrest

Shooting Death Arrest

LAWTON, Okla._

After a string of unsolved homicides, Lawton police finally caught a break Thursday night and made an arrest in the shooting death of Alec McGlory.

Thursday night, Lawton gang task force officers and police returned to the scene of the crime and arrested 19-year-old Devin Fulner. Police were seen searching an apartment and car. It's not clear if they belonged to Fulner.

Police have not said if they believe Fulner acted as the trigger man--- so far only saying he was involved. Police have not released a motive, but Friday said they believe drugs were involved.

Chief James Smith tells said police have been working around the clock and attributed the arrest to their hard work and the cooperation of many citizens.

He also said police were not ruling out additional arrests in this case.

It's where a violent scene unfolded that ended in the death of Alec McGlory.

And in a twist of fate it's also the place where police arrested Devin Fulner whom they believe had a hand in it.

"Unfortunately you know a life has been lost and we're unable to bring that life back, but just knowing that there is some closure will help bring some comfort to the family," said Lawton Police Chief, James Smith.

But even with the arrest of Devin Fulner little information is being shared about what exactly transpired just moments before McGlory was shot. Police said they now think drugs were involved.

Lawton Police Chief James Smith says there's no doubt that McGlory was a good kid by all accounts, but said police believe he may have made a poor decision that cost him his life.

"Be careful of the friends and the company that you keep, because even though you may be a very good kid you may get caught up in that involvement and we always say a bullet doesn't have a specific name on it and a lot of the times unfortunately very good people get caught at the wrong place at the wrong time," Smith said.

Smith said while the investigation into McGlory's death continues, that Fulner's arrest is a victory for the victim's family, friends, police and even the community.

"It's two fold, number one I'm very happy that we are able to get a very dangerous criminal off the street, and I am also very happy with our citizen participation that they help us solve our crimes," Smith said.

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