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Students and teachers donate hair to Locks of Love


LAWTON, Okla._ At Geronimo Road Elementary, they're teaching kids to show compassion, one pony tail at a time.

Friday in a school wide assembly, nineteen individuals each with long hair, cut at least ten inches off to send to Locks of Love. The organization makes and gives wigs to kids in need, who have lost their hair due to a medical condition.

The group included parents, teachers and students, but most of the participation came from the students. 

Fifteen people originally signed up to participate, but a few others were so touched by what they saw, they decided to donate as well.


The organizer of the event, Kathy Jennings, lost her hair nineteen years ago when she battled breast cancer; however, today she is happy and healthy. She is also doing a job she loves, working with kids. She wants to make sure the kids at Geronimo Road Elementary understand compassion.

"A lot of kids if they don't know," Jennings said, talking about cancer, "they see someone with no hair and they'll laugh and point."

It's not the case at Geronimo Road though. Jennings' example is shining through. Ten young girls donated their hair on Friday. One of them, Avery Mohan is just 9 years old. She said she was nervous but very glad she did it.

Everyone watched as the stylist put her flowing hair into a pony tail and then slowly cut it off. All in front of her cheering classmates.

Mohan said she did have a few second thoughts, but they quickly passed.

"I thought of the people who don't have hair and I wanted to do it again," she said. "I don't think I have ever had it this short. It just feels so weird."

She's not alone in that feeling. Teacher Rhonda Anderson said she too is accustomed to having long hair.

"Usually it's heavy and you can feel it," she said, "and now it's not."

Anderson told 7News it's worth it though, to set a good example.

"We ask people to contribute and donate things all throughout the year and support different causes, so this is one of the ones I thought I could probably handle," she said.

She did handle it, like a pro. With much gratitude from her co-worker Kathy Jennings, and kids in need all over the nation.


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