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Burglars Target Comanche County Church

COMANCHE COUNTY, Okla._Burglars have broken into a church in Southeast Comanche County, making off with nearly five-thousand dollars worth of electronics.

The church's pastor, Charles Ellington, said the crime happened sometime between Sunday evening and Monday afternoon at the Hope Deliverance Temple Church. It is located near Southeast 60th and Bishop.

He said the burglars entered through a back door of the church to get inside. He said the door is now jammed shut tight from the inside, but glass is still on the ground where the burglars busted out the glass door to enter and make off with the electronics.

"My keyboard was right here, so they took all of that," said Ellington

Pastor Charles Ellington said he rushed to Hope Deliverance Temple Church when another minister told him it had been burglarized. He said it was upsetting to see crooks had made off with the church's television, a couple of microphones and other sound equipment.

"When the enemy comes in and take away these types of things, which take away the ministry, it frustrates me, because they need God as well as the people we minister to," said Ellington. "It frustrates me because they can live a better life than going into unauthorized places and stealing."

He said authorities could have been alerted to what was going on, but crooks broke the lock off an electrical box, removed its face and pulled a piece out of it. He said their actions shut down power over the entire church, including its alarm system.

"I never heard of that, I didn't know they could do that, so you have some smart people that know what to do when they get ready to burglarize," said Ellington. "In other words, they've probably done it before."

Ellington said whether it was their first time or have made a career out of it, he wants the thief to end their petty ways before it's too late.

"My only message that I have to give to those individuals that, took it to give your life to God, because whatever you sow you're going to reap it," said Ellington.

Ellington said the church will install another alarm system, but someplace other than the electrical box if possible. He said the church's insurance will replace the stolen equipment.

Ellington said this past Christmas he witnessed two thieves take off with some of the church's copper. The Comanche County Sheriff's Department said no arrests have been made in either case.

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