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Solar Airplane Takes Flight Across Country

PHOENIX, Ariz_"The Solar Impulse" is considered the most advanced solar powered plane in the world, and it is making its way across America.

The solar powered plane landed in Phoenix, Arizona, early Saturday morning on the first leg of a cross-country trip.

Its creators say the trip is the first attempt by a solar airplane to fly across America.

The plane is capable of flying day and night without fuel.

The goal of the flight is to showcase the potential of solar power.  

 Its pilot, Bertrand Piccard, is insistent the creation of more solar powered planes would be good for everyone.

"It's a win, win. At the same time it creates jobs, it makes profit, it extends growth, and it also protects the environment, " said Bertrand.

From Phoenix, it will travel to Dallas-Fort Worth , making several other stops until its final destination at New York's JFK Airport.

Each flight leg will take about 19 to 25 hours, with 10-day stops in each city.  

The delicate, single-seat solar impulse flies around 40 miles-per-hour and can't go through clouds.

It weighs about as much as a car, making it vulnerable to bad weather.


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