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Lawton man tied up and held at gunpoint in early morning robbery

LAWTON, Okla_ With the help of a 7News viewer, a Lawton man has his car back, after it was stolen in an early morning robbery on Wednesday. 

As we reported, police investigated a home invasion at Stephen Reed's home on Northwest Lawton, and put out a description of his car.

Within hours, someone spotted it, just about a mile from the scene of the robbery, and the police pulled it over.

A 7News crew was actually with the victim at his house when a detective showed up and told him they believed they'd found his car.

The crew went to the scene, where Reed identified his car, but he couldn't positively identify any of the men as the robbers. Police did arrest the driver for possession of a stolen vehicle.

Reed said he's happy to have his car back but is still in shock at how it was stolen in the first place.

He said he witnessed terror serving 32 years in the military, with 3 tours in Vietnam. Even though, he said having two men invade his house nearly tops his list of scary moments.

"It's in your private space. It's in your bedroom with someone holding a weapon to your face. As opposed to being in combat when you expect the enemy to pop out or to shoot at you," he said.

With no real signs of a break in, Reed is certain he accidentally left his front door unlocked.

Around 6 Wednesday morning, two unwanted guests entered the home. They tied Reed up with a necktie and electric tape, demanding his car keys.

Reed told them they were on the table next to the lamp. He said he was tied up and knew there was nothing else he could do, so he figured it would be better to let them take the car and leave.

It's exactly what they did, grabbing Reed's wallet, cell phone and US Marine saber as well as some jewelry along the way.

As soon as he knew they were gone, he ran across the street to a neighbor's house for help.

Police responded and after they left, Reed surprisingly carried on a normal day, even without transportation.

Reed is 71 years old, even though, he is a student at Cameron University.

"I walked from here [his house] to Cameron, took my final exam, and walked back," he said.

Reed said he isn't going to let his life stop because he was robbed, material possessions can be replaced.

Although he was overly excited to get his car back.

Reed said his girlfriend continually nags him about locking his door. He said he will be more careful to do that in the future.


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