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Lawton Man Sentenced for Sexual Battery

Lawton_ A Lawton man accused of raping a woman while she slept has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of sexual battery. 

David Jackson was sentenced to four years in prison today at the Comanche County Courthouse. According to investigators, Jackson had sexual contact with the victim while she was sleeping in his home last summer.

The victim told police that she suspected she was assaulted by Jackson and when police questioned him he admitted his wrong doing.

Comanche County Assistant District Attorney Irma Newburn said after speaking more with the victim in this case, it became more clear of what actually took place. Although Newburn wouldn't go into details about what was said, she said authorities felt it best to reduce the charge.

David Jackson stood quietly in the courtroom, listening to Judge Keith Aycock. Jackson's hands were crossed behind his back. Assistant District Attorney Irma Newburn stood to Jackson's right and noticed his head droop at times.

"Typically you see that when somebody is going to prison, when they know they're going to prison," said Newburn. "So, I think that his demeanor was having that knowledge was today was the day to be punished, sentenced for what he had done."

Newburn says the court's decision to give Jackson the option to plead guilty to sexual battery was not made in haste.

"The facts kind of dictate where we go, what type of recommendations, if we make any recommendations at all in a particular case," said Newburn. "The victim has input before we make any plea bargain, because they are the one's most effected by this type of crime."

She said in the end Jackson's punishment does fit the crime.

"We are absolutely satisfied with this sentence as the court gave out, it was part of a plea bargain. It was based upon our recommendation after speaking with the victim in this case," said Newburn.

The victim was not present at today's sentencing. Newburn said she spoke with her yesterday by phone and seems to be just fine now.





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