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Lawton Family Robbed at Gunpoint

Lawton, Okla._A Lawton family was robbed after two men forced their way into the home at gunpoint in broad daylight.

Police are still investigating, but at this point the victims think it was a case of mistaken identity.

It happened Monday when the family was greeted by two unexpected men at their front door on NE 25th street. They said the men even pointed their guns at their two small children before they took cash and several other items from their home.

"I am shocked and awed. I don't understand it," said victim Cody Stanphill-Kiser.

Cody Stanphill-Kiser recalled what it was like when an unexpected knock at the door turned into two men entering his home and telling him and his girlfriend to get on the floor, calling them both by the wrong name. They demanded money. Cody said he gave them the $700 in cash from his pocket.

"Take what you want and leave. I don't know," said Cody Stanphill-Kiser

As he and his girlfriend were lying on the floor, his two kids came out of their room and that is when his level of concern grew.

"At one point when I was on the floor my kids came out of their room. They are two and three years old and they pointed guns at my kids," said Cody Stanphill-Kiser.

Cody told his kids to get in their room and close the door. He said he is in disbelief that this happened to his family.

"I felt disrespected that they would come into my house point guns at me and my family and take my things," said Cody Stanphill-Kiser.

Cody, his girlfriend Stefanie, and their two kids had only lived in the home for a month and a half. They are confused and stressed about what led to robbery, but are thankful to be safe despite what they have been through.

"I don't really care about the stuff. I mean the stuff you can get that back. you can't get people back," said victim Stefanie Goode.

The family said the two men did not wear masks, and left behind a cell phone and water bottle. They also have a description of the vehicle they were driving. They hope this information will help police in their investigation.

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