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Republicans Descend on Stephens County for Annual GOP Fish Fry


United States Senator Jim Inhofe and hundreds of other Republicans descended upon Stephens County for their 9th Annual GOP Fish Fry. The fish fry is the largest single gathering of Republicans outside of the Oklahoma Republican Convention. Those in attendance said they can enjoy a tasty plate of fried fish while discussing issues both Oklahoma and the nation are facing. 

Those who attended Saturday's event had more on their minds than just their appetites. They asked questions about issues impacting their families, jobs, and futures. They wanted to know more about what the elected officials are doing for Oklahoma.

On Saturday night, Senator Jim Inhofe ended his speech with a challenge to the audience, to be an activist for what they know and believe in.

Inhofe said, "It is still America. America is going to come back to its roots, to those things that make this the greatest country in the world. You all are on the front lines."

That was after Oklahomans spent the afternoon asking him tough questions ranging from military budget cuts to forms of taxation. Senator Inhofe did not hold back. He said, "A lot of people in the economy that we are in today, not so much Oklahoma we are in better shape than others, but they are cutting it real close."

Inhofe said this is why he is in such disagreement with the current sequestration and furloughs for government workers. "When they take it away a seventh of their salary or whatever they are going to do. It's a real incredible hardship on these people," said Inhofe.

In a state greatly touched by the military, Inhofe said it just doesn't make sense that the men and women who protect our freedom are the ones suffering the consequences through the nation's budget cuts.

Inhofe said, "Our military is only 18 percent of our budget but our cuts under sequestration are 50 percent."

Another hot button issue was the new proposed Internet tax. Inhofe swore thirty years ago that he would never vote in favor of something that would tax the American people more, even so he sympathizes with local Oklahoma businesses.

"I do know that your local merchants have a good point when they say we are allowing people not to pay the taxes that we have to pay. I understand that. Although I am against any new tax increase," said Inhofe.

Senator Jim Inhofe said the people of Stephens County could rest assured that the voice of Oklahomans is being heard in Washington, D.C.

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