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Duncan Man Recounts First Response Experience in Moore

DUNCAN Okla_ A Duncan man and his search dog are weary Tuesday, after they were two of the first responders in Moore.

They're back home after hours of searching through the rubble. Michael Floyd said he and his dog, Tag, arrived in Moore around 6:30 PM Monday. He said the scene was like a war zone, and the streets were filled with mounds of rubble at least six feet high.

Floyd has been working as a first responder for almost two decades, but he said he saw something Monday that will haunt him forever.

"The parents were waiting for their children, because they didn't recover bodies," Floyd said. "They had to move the heavy equipment in. The parents that were waiting, they knew the fate of their child. You could see that sorrow, but every time someone would move a rock, they would look to see if it was their child that popped out of there. That's probably something I will never forget."

Floyd said he and Tag searched for hours but did not find anyone. He said he thinks it's going to take large equipment to move the heavy rubble to find anyone else.

Tonight on 7News at 6, hear how he thinks Monday's damage compares to the May 3rd, 1999 storm. You'll also see what lesson he said Oklahomans should learn from both tornados.

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