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Fletcher Residents Optimistic After Storm Damage

FLETCHER, Okla_ Residents in Fletcher are cleaning up, after an early morning storm brought heavy straight line winds causing damage to many parts of town.

The residents in the town said the damage is an inconvenience, but that's all it is. Residents say they feel they are the lucky ones, considering what has happened in Moore. Fletcher is littered with downed power lines, large amounts of debris in the roadway, damaged trees and roofs, and a barn torn to pieces. Surprisingly enough, the people are thankful.

"This is not what I wanted to do today," Jim McDonald said, "But at least it's not like the one up in Moore."

"We have a mess to clean up," said Fletcher Public Works Superintendent Harry Jacobs, "But we didn't get hurt like the people in Moore."

"This seems very, very minor compared to what everybody else is going through," Rebecca Medlin said.

We caught up with Medlin as she was cleaning out her storage unit. The roof of her unit was ripped off, and all of her belongings were exposed to the great outdoors. She said she was worried about her valuables.

"I'm missing photos and stuff like that, that you can't replace, ‘cause they are old photos," Medlin said.

She, along with her family lived there up until 10 years ago. She said even though she was worried about some irreplaceable things she'd lost, her heart was in her hometown, Moore.

"We lived there during the May 3rd tornado, too," Medlin said. So, it's just reinventing everything."

She said it hits too close to home. Her girls had gone to Plaza Towers Elementary, the school where so many young children where found lifeless Monday. Medlin's parents still live there. Thankfully, they are okay.

So while residents in Fletcher do have quite a clean up job ahead, they recognize it could be a whole lot worse.

"If we lost everything we had, compared to what everyone else has been through, it would be nothing," Medlin said.

By the looks of the damage, some think a very small tornado swept through the town, but our SkyWarn7 Weather Team said the damage was caused by straight line winds, measuring near 80 miles per hour.

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