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Cement Suffers Storm Damage

CEMENT, Okla_ The same storm system from Fletcher that was packed with straight line winds and pounding hail forced Cement and Cyril residents to take cover early Tuesday.

People say the storm was unexpected, but they heard and saw something when they looked out the window that made them want to take cover.

"I looked out the window of my house, and I saw the wind was blowing so hard," Cyril Resident Steve Booker said. "It was too late for us to run. We don't have a cellar, so we just hunkered down in the house, took cover and just waited it out."

Booker was surprised to wake up to the roaring winds and hail storm that caused damage in both Cyril and Cement.

"The hail was unreal," Booker said. "It was coming down so hard and so fast that it was piling up everywhere. Most of it was pea-sized to marble-sized. There was so much of it. It was amazing."

 That hail was still piled up more than five hours after the storm hit. The wind damage came from all directions.

"We have privacy fences leaning north and wind damage that was blown south," Booker said. "It's from the north side of town, south side of town and even the next town over. Cement was hit pretty hard, too."

Cement Police Officer Robert Herrera was responding to a call, when the wind lifted his car off the ground.

"I saw a gust of wind swirling, and a bunch of debris hit my police car," Herrera said. "I was getting ready to move to put my nose into the wind, and it picked it up a little bit and kind of dropped me down real quick. It made me wake up real fast."

Tree limbs covered roads. Power lines were thrown down. Roofs were ripped off. Despite it all, people came together, helping those in need. Only hours after the tornado that devastated Moore, Cyril and Cement residents feel fortunate to be safe and have only minor damage.

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