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Storm Shelter Companies: Business is Booming

LAWTON Okla_ Monday's deadly tornado in Moore hit close to home in more ways than one for many of us living here in Texoma. Now, safety is at the forefront of minds.

Storm shelter companies in Lawton say business has increased significantly in 48 hours, with one company receiving over 40 calls alone! So, what options do you have when it comes to shielding your family from the storm?

You can buy a shelter that is underground and outside your house, or above ground and inside your house. You can buy one big or small, with seats or without. You have so many options, if you choose to invest in a shelter for protection when disaster strikes.

Jared Turner has been installing storm shelters for 10 years, but Wednesday he decided it was time to dig a hole in his own yard.

"Monday's storm really hit home," Turner said. "It was close to home. I was actually on my way home from putting a storm shelter in, and my wife called me and said 'I'm tired of worrying about where we are going to decide to put it. Just put it.'"

It's one of many he will install in the coming days.

"I think we are going to try and get five to six in, in the next two days," Turner said.

These are impressive numbers, considering he usually installs five or six in one month! Turner prefers and mainly installs underground, outdoor shelters.

"You're below it," Turner said. "It's taking everything off the top of you and going on."

He also understands the advantages of having your shelter indoors, especially if it's hard for you to move around. He said you have the option to have one installed underneath your garage. He said if you want more of a "safe room" you can put it inside your garage or another part of your house.

The mayor of Moore would like to see shelters built into all new houses in his town. After Monday's events, he proposed law that would require them to be a part of all new home construction. The room would be a part of the foundation, meaning its concrete walls would be poured while building the house.

Turner said many people already elect to do this on their own. 7News actually tracked down a structure in Lawton, showing what it looks like. The options are abundant when it comes to shelters. It's important to find what works for you and your family. Turner said he's ready to assist.

"I want to help everybody I can," Turner said.

Turner said a 6' by 8' shelter will comfortable hold 5 to 6 people, but can hold many more if they sacrifice some comfort space.

The prices vary depending on the unit you choose, but they run anywhere between $2,000-$8,000.


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