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Utility surcharge proposed to cure $8.3 million deficit

Lawton_It looks like the water bills will rise about $6 a month in Lawton, to offset the $8.37 million deficit in next year's budget.

That's the proposal the city council tentatively agreed to Wednesday during a four-hour long budget workshop.  As we've reported, the city said the shortfall is largely due to a drop in revenue connected to water rationing. They also say there's been a rise in expenditures.

At Wednesday's session, City Manager Bryan Long initially proposed a solution which included the layoffs of several city employees, as well as cutting partnerships with museums and the chamber of commerce, among others.

But, the council staunchly opposed that solution, and instead instructed long to make up the shortfall through a surcharge on the utility bill.

Long said the meeting gave him a clear idea of what the council was not willing to do to meet the budget requirements.  Long said he'll have a more precise figure for the surcharge at the council's next budget workshop on Friday.

It will begin at 1:30pm at City Hall.

They expect to  finalize the budget proposal then, but the council still must formally approve it during a regularly scheduled meeting.

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