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Lawton Children Raise Money for Tornado Victims

LAWTON, Okla_Some of Lawton's smallest residents are serving up some delicious refreshments to help the people of Moore.

A group of 6- and 7-year-olds are operating an impromptu lemonade stand to raise money for the victims of the tornado.

Not even old enough to have real jobs, these kids braved the hot sun and went door to door to help make sure they do their part to help.

"I kind of got tired of just sitting on the couch and watching the news, and I decided we needed to change something, " said Arnisa Krasniqi, the ringleader of the lemonade stand.

So, Arnisa rounded up her little brothers and their friends to put together a lemonade stand. And within the first hour they had raised nearly $50.

"I didn't really think it was going to be that successful, but I knew that other people in the neighborhood wanted to help," said Arnisa.

Their mom said she was touched by the kids' thoughtfulness, and it really represents how much they've been affected.

"They asked me and I thought they just, you know how kids can ask so many questions, but they did this by themselves. They put this sign in, and it was all their idea, " said Linda Krasniqi.

The children proudly manned their table Wednesday afternoon as, one by one, customers came up to for a chance to cool off and give back.

"I think it's great that the whole neighborhood is supporting, and they're really raising money! I think it's awesome, " said customer Janine Grevious.

Arnisa said it was the stories of the kids trapped in the school building that tugged at her the most. She just kept imagining putting herself in their shoes.

"We still have our house, and they don't have anything. They don't have shoes, clothes or anything, and we still have that, so I'm very thankful for that, " Arnisa said.

The kids are planning to donate all of their money to the Red Cross. At last check, they had raised a total of $75--a big number for Lawton's smallest philanthropists.

"I hope the money will change the kids' reactions in Moore. They're gonna get food and clothes with the money that we're giving them, and I just hope it makes them really happy, " said Arnisa.

If you'd like to visit the lemonade stand, it's located inside the DDove Creek Addition off Southwest 52nd and Lee. They'll be there at least through Thursday -- just follow the signs.

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