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Chattanooga Volunteers Gather Donations for Tornado Victims

CHATTANOOGA Okla_  A full trailer and a helping hand are what two Chattanooga High School students and a couple of organizations are delivering to the thousands of tornado victims.

The students are part of the school's Future Farmers of America Club.

They've teamed up with organizations there who assist people who have lost pretty much everything.

Over the last few days they've been collecting food and clothing, all headed to Moore and Shawnee.

"We had seen it on the TV and saw the damage and everything and how it just flattened all them small towns. It was just really heartbreaking to see it," said Beth Theis.

Theis is the Chattanooga FFA Chapter president, on Wednesday, she and other FFA students made several posters, and put them up all over town. Now, there's a cattle trailer nearly half full with all kinds of donations from clothes to tools.

"It was such a short notice deal. I was surprised and thankful that people would go out and start buying and stuff to donate to everyone," said Theis.

More donations rolled in while we were at the donation site.  Trisha Wyatt brought her young granddaughters to help unload what they brought.

"I just wanted to help out and do things to support the storm victims and Oklahomans like to help anybody we can," said Wyatt.

Jacquelyn Dupree lives and works in Chatty, but she also volunteers with an Oklahoma City-based organization that helps people who've been through disasters. She reached out to that group to help coordinate where the items will go.

She says initially all the donations were going to victims in Moore, but remembered it was just the day before that an EF4 tornado slammed into Shawnee.


"I think it's just amazing that they've taken time out of their day to come do things, something they want to do. it's in their heart...and these kids definitely deserve a pat on the back for that."

Dupree says they're taking off bright and early, around 6 a-am Saturday, May 25th.

They plan to stop first in Moore , before heading towards Shawnee.

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