Dispelling Moore Rumors

Moore, Okla._The superintendent of Moore Public Schools is calling a rumor offensive and insulting after it was alleged a teacher was fired from MPS after praying for the safety of their classes and students during the tornado.

Sunday, school officials said for the past 24 hours rumors have swirled after an Internet publication made the claim, but also said it had not been confirmed.

MPS posted this statement to their Facebook page.

"Moore Public Schools wishes to confirm that no teacher was fired from MPS.

Moore public schools is saddened that this type of rumor has even been circulated. Please help us dispel this false rumor as many MPS employees, teachers and administrators were praying before and during the tornado strikes, and will continue to do so throughout the recovery process for both our district and our community."

The publication named a teacher saying she was fired for failing to separate church from state when she prayed out loud in the horrific event.